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Atlas Misalignment Results

When the body posture is balanced, the brain communicates effectively with all areas of the body. It will maintain health at its optimum.

If the spine becomes abnormally curved, even by a small degree, profound results may occur. If left untreated, the health of the entire body may be affected. This is especially true when the cervical spine (neck) is misaligned. An Atlas misalignment occurs from trauma of some sort.

Two causes of misalignment are:

  1. Traumatic, such as an automobile crash, a fall, or a sports collision
  2. Postural, such as bad ergonomics or poor posture

When misalignment of the Atlas occurs, the head is tilted. The body reacts to this by trying to straighten the head while keeping it centered over the feet. This instinctive posture change to return body balance causes a great deal of stress on the spine, the spinal cord, and the vertebral arteries.

Stress on the spine will cause pain, but will also lead to instability. An unstable spine is more susceptible to injuries like disc herniation, muscle strain, stretching of ligaments, and whiplash. Injuries that are not treated correctly will cause early degeneration and chronic pain.

Stress on the spinal cord is a more serious problem because the injury is affecting the nerves. Nerve irritation at the top part of the neck causes headaches and facial pain. Nerve irritation in the rest of the spine causes generalized back pain and can also cause shooting pain down the arms and legs. If the nerve irritation is left untreated chronic pain, nerve damage, and muscle weakness will develop.

Stress on the vertebral arteries can cause serious symptoms. The most common symptoms are migraines, balance problems, hypertension, and general fatigue.


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